Polycrystalline Solar Panels 250W


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Diampnd Polycrystalline Framed Solar Panel / 250W

Main Features
1. Positive power tolerance (0~+5W) guaranteed.
2. High module conversion efficiency.
3. Low LID.
4. Better energy yield with excellent low irradiance performance and temperature coefficient.
5. Adaptable to harsh environment: passed rigorous salt mist and ammonia tests.
6. Robust frame(40mm) withstands mechanical loading of 5400Pa for snow load on front and 2400Pa for wind load on rear side.

Electrical performance parameters
STC (AM1.5, 1000W/m², cell temperature 25℃)
Model MBG325
Maximum power (Pm/Wp) 325
Maximum power voltage (Vmp/V) 37.48
Maximum power current (Imp/A) 8.67
Open circuit voltage (Voc/V) 45.47
Short circuit current (Isc/A) 9.44
Module efficiency (%) 16.65
Normal operating cell temperature (NOCT) 45.3±2℃
Temperature coefficient of Voc -0.31%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Isc 0.05%/℃
Temperature coefficient of Pm -0.41%/℃
Power tolerance (W) 0~+5

General performance parameters

Mechanical performance parameters
Module dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 1956*992*40/45
Cell dimension(mm) 156.75*156.75 poly
Module weight (kg) 23
Cable cable section-4mm2 length-900mm
Cell Nos & array 72(6*12)
Packing 25/23pcs/pallet, 22pallets/40HQ, 550/506pcs/40HQ
Quality parameters
Module working temperature range (℃) -40~+85
Maximum system voltage (V Dc) 1000
System maximum protection current (A) 15
Maximum wind loads/maximum snow loads (Pa) 2400/5400
Hot-spot resistance 100% hot-spot free


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