MPPT Charge Controller 60A


MPPT Charge Controller 60A

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Item features an efficient MPPT control algorithm to track the maximum power of the PV array. Greatly improve the utilization of solar panel. Its intelligent LCD and upper PC display, mostly convenient for customers to check, records and parameter setting. It widely used in off-grid solar system, communication base station solar system, household solar systems, street light solar systems, field monitoring and other fields etc.

•System Voltage: DC12V/24V/36V/48VDC Auto

•Maximum Solar Panel Input Power: 780W/1560W/2340W/3120W

•Rated Current: 60A

•Maximum PV(voc) Voltage: DC150V

•MPPT Efficiency: ≥99.5%


•Battery Types: Flooded, Sealed lead acid, Gel battery

•Heat Dissipation Method: Fan Cooling

•Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C


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